• How To Meditate: Beginners Semi-Silent Weekend Meditation Retreat

    Friday, September 6th-Sunday, September 8th, 7:00 pm - 1:30 pm
    Individual days can be attended. Accommodation options available.

  • About This Event

    Our popular weekend How To Meditate retreats are ideal for anyone who would like an inspiring, enjoyable, and practical introduction to meditation. This weekend retreat will include guided meditations, teachings from a qualified meditation instructor, and advice on how to start and maintain a daily meditation practice. Our weekend retreats allow people to relax, unwind, and feel mentally and physically rejuvinated. Simple and powerful meditation techniques will be taught that help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve our mental well being, and that bring about a positive inner transformation. Each guided meditation session is broken up into several parts and includes basic settling meditation, teachings and instruction, and further guided meditation. To promote peace and stillness within, we will be observing silence every day until 1pm (lunch time).

  • Event Schedule

    6-6:45pmMeet and Greet tea
    7-8:30pmIntroduction to weekend
    9-10amTeaching & Meditation
    11am-12pmTeaching & Meditation
    3-4pmTeaching & Meditation
    5-6pmTeaching & Meditation
    7:30-8:30pmQ&A - Discussion
    9-10amTeaching & Meditation
    11am-12:30pmMeditations for World Peace
  • Accommodation Options

    KMC Florida has a variety of on-site accommodation options including single, double, and triple occupancy rooms as well as a male and female dorm. We also have ample bathroom facilities for our guests. Staying onsite in our comfortable accommodation gives our retreat and class participants the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the meditation retreat or course they are attending.

  • Cost

    Discounts on the course are available for Temple Members.

    Entire WeekendFridaySaturdaySunday
    Cost per personOn-line: $40
    At door: $45
    On-line: $15
    At door: $15
    On-line: $20
    At door: $25
    On-line: $10
    At door: $10
    Entire WeekendFridaySaturdaySunday
    Temple MembersOn-line: $25
    At door: $30
    On-line: Free
    At door: Free
    On-line: $20
    At door: $25
    On-line: $5
    At door: $10
    Single RoomTwin RoomTriple RoomMale DormitoryFemale Dormitory
    Accommodation fees$160 (two nights)$110 (per person, two nights)$90 (per person, two nights)$60 (two nights)$60 (two nights)
  • Attending This Event

    Booking for this event will be on-line soon.

  • Where to find us

    KMC Florida (Sarasota)
    730 N Washington Blvd,
    Sarasota, Fl, 34236

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