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Retreats & Events

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Day Courses, Retreats and Special Events are a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into one of Buddha’s teachings be emphasizing a particular subject over a day or weekend event.  By receiving teachings, discussing, contemplating and meditating we can gain deep and profound insights into inspiring spiritual topics.  In this way we will increase our spiritual experiences, improve our good qualities and deepen our inner peace and positivity.



9th: Friday Night Lecture: Why ME? Understanding Karma

10th: Open House

11th: Beginner’s Meditation Retreat

31st: Halloween Party


6th – 8th:  Post Fall Festival Retreat

21st: Walk for World Peace


4th – 6th:  Je Tsongkhapa Empowerment

31st:  New Year’s Eve Food for Thought

January 1st – 3th: Silent Away Retreat