Seven Florida Centers Present: Timeless Wisdom for a Happy Life

Seven Florida Centers Present: Timeless Wisdom for a Happy Life

Seven Florida Centers Present: Timeless Wisdom for a Happy Life

Advice from Atisha's Heart

Guided Meditation Retreat Labor Day Weekend with Florida Resident Teachers at Kadampa Meditation Center Florida in Sarasota

This very special weekend guided meditation retreat with the Florida Resident teachers includes meditations from Atisha’s Advice.  This is a guide for a healthy positive life, encapsulating the way of life of the early Kadampa Buddhist Masters, famous for the purity and sincerity of their spiritual practice.

Atisha was the great Indian Buddhist Master who originally established Kadampa Buddhism in Tibet. While in Tibet he gave his disciples this special advice, his most heartfelt and essential teachings. By following Atisha’s Advice in our daily life, we can develop a pure and happy mind. A wonderful retreat for beginners and advanced practitioners. Everyone welcome!


Friday August 30
Introduction: 7-8:15pm  Advice From Atisha’s Heart with Gen Gomlam 

Saturday August 31
Session 1: 9-10:15am  Creating Conditions For Successful Spiritual Practice with Kadam Carol 

Session 2: 11:15am-12:30pm Renunciation with Gen Jindak 

Lunch: 12:30-2:30pm

Session 3: 2:30-3:45pm  Removing Obstacles to Love & Compassion with Kadam Ricc

Session 4: 5-6:15pm  Karma with Gen Namdrol


Sunday September 1

Session 5: 9-10:15am  Six Perfections with Kadam Michelle 

Special Sunday GP Class: 11am-12:15pm  Six Perfections with Gen Tashi 

Lunch: 12:15-2:pm

Session 6: 2-3:15pm  Six Perfections with Kadam Ricc 

WFJ with food offerings 5-6:15pm 


Monday September 2

Session 7: 9-10:15am  Meditation Break Practice with Kadam Carol

Break: 10:15-10:45

Session 8: 10:45am-12pm  Conclusion with Kadam Michelle


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