• A Mantra for a Happy Life (Live Stream)

    Saturday, November 28th, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • About This Event

    The word “Mantra” literally means “mind protection”. Through reciting a mantra we can protect our mind from negativity and keep it focused on positive thoughts and feelings in daily life.

    There is a beautiful Buddhist prayer, known as the “four immeasurables”, that can be used as a mantra throughout the day to keep our mind focused, happy, and well motivated.

    This special prayer is as follows:

    “May everyone be happy,
    May everyone be free from misery,
    May no-one ever be separated from their happiness,
    May everyone have equanimity, free from hatred, and attached”

    With this prayer we are wishing for everyone to experience equanimity, true happiness, freedom from problems, and internal joy. This powerful prayer fills our mind with positive energy and, if everyone was to hold its meaning in their heart, world peace would be accomplished overnight.

    In this half day course Gen Dorje will explain the meaning of this prayer and how we can use it as a mantra in daily life to benefit ourselves and others.


    These teachings are live streamed via YouTube. When you register for the retreat you will be sent a link to a landing page on our website where you can watch the live streamed retreat sessions through YouTube. The video recordings of the retreat sessions will be available for 72 hours after it is live streamed for all those who register.

  • Event Schedule

    10 - 11:15 am:
    Teaching & Meditation
    11:15- 11:45am: Break
    11:45am - 1:00pm:
    Teaching & Meditation
  • The Teacher

    Teacher Image

    This event is taught by Gen Dorje. Gen Dorje has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over 20 years under the guidance of his teacher Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of the New Kadampa Tradition. Gen Dorje is admired for his warmth and humor in making Buddha’s teachings relevant to the modern world. He is an inspiring example of how to integrate Buddha’s teachings into a joyful life.

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    Non-Member $25
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