• Teaching and Meditations (Live Stream)

    Tuesday, April 12th, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

  • About This Event

    Choosing Kindness to Transform Difficulties

    Tuesday Evening Teaching and Meditation

    Buddha taught six practices, known as the six perfections, which enable us to lead a beneficial and joyful life. These six, which include, giving, moral discipline, patient acceptance, joyful effort, wisdom, and concentration, can easily be incorporated into our own daily life. Not only will they help us to deal skillfully with problems with a peaceful and happy mind, they will also empower us to benefit others greatly. Practicing these six perfections especially now gives us the skill to make our job, relationships and enjoyments part of our path to enlightenment. In this course, you will discover the joy of the practice of these perfections.

    Everyone welcome!

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  • The Teacher

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    This event is taught by Samir Hanna or Lisa Hoffman. Samir has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for several years, is a student in our Teacher Training Program, and has recently started teaching meditation classes at KMC Florida. He provides clear and joyful teachings on how to practice meditation and the Buddhist way of life. Lisa has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2013 and is on the Teacher Training Program at KMC Florida. With her clear and gentle presentation of Buddha’s teaching she makes it easily accessible for newcomers.


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