• Buddhist Wisdom For a Happy Life (6 Weeks)

    Tuesday, January 15th-Tuesday, February 19th, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • About This Event

    Happiness is something that each one of us has the potential to experience, but often our habitual ways of thinking take us in the opposite direction. This engaging drop-in six week course will introduce different Buddhist topics that help us to keep a happy, peaceful mind, and also help us to get the most out of our life.

  • The Teacher

    Teacher Image

    This event is taught by Gen Kelsang Chodor. Our resident teacher, Kelsang Chodor, is a western Buddhist Monk. Ordained in 2001, he is a close disciple of Geshe-la and has studied and practised Buddhism for many years. He is much loved for his relaxed and gentle nature and teaches with great clarity, insight and wisdom, skilfully guiding people to inner peace and happiness in their lives.