• Meditation for Kids

    Sunday, April 7th, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

  • About This Event

    Meditation for Kids

    This light-hearted class is for kids ages 4-11. In this class, children learn ways to increase their positive minds of patience, respect, giving, and loving kindness through guided meditation and fun activities. Each class is designed to engage a child’s mind and interests by presenting modern Buddhism in a way that is easy to learn and practice. Regular attendance at these classes can assist your child with the development of important life skills such as increased empathy, respect for others, self-control and concentration.

    Through practice and familiarity, children learn to develop peaceful minds, build inner strength, and increase their self-confidence by nurturing their own good qualities. Each class includes a short, guided meditation with instruction on helpful and meaningful meditation posture. A teaching and topic-based activities follow, both designed to help children engage, learn, and have fun.

    Your child will benefit from these classes by learning how to maintain a peaceful mind even in difficult situations. Kids must be accompanied by an adult who is attending our Sunday Morning Class or helping in the kids’ class. Care givers are asked to attend the kids class with their child for at least one class.


  • Cost

    This class is offered by donation. Please make a donation upon arrival for the class.

    Suggested donation $3 - 5 per child / $10 for a family.