• Meditation For Kids

    Sunday, April 21st, 10:00 am - 11:30 am

  • About This Event

    We are delighted to offer Kids’ Meditation Classes at our Center. These meditation classes are designed to help children (ages 5 -12) develop a peaceful, positive state of mind by listening to and applying Buddha’s simple compassionate teachings and meditations. Each week there is a short meditation, a brief teaching, chanted prayers, and a creative activity. We emphasize kindness to others and the cultivation of a happy heart.

    Your child will benefit from these classes by learning how to maintain a peaceful mind even in difficult situations. Kids must be accompanied by an adult who is attending Meditations for World Peace or helping in the kids’ class.

    Meditation for World Peace is held at the same time in our mail meditation room, please click here for more information.

    Kadampa Meditation Center Florida also offers food and beverages in the cafe after class in the community area for people to relax after class and have a chance to meet and get to know the community.

  • The Teacher

    This event is taught by various meditation Teachers from KMC Florida.