• Sunday Morning Class

    Sunday, September 3rd, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

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    Change You Can Trust

    Sunday Morning Class

    Spiritual practice is all about change—it’s about training our mind, letting go of attachment and moving our mind somewhere new! It’s all about identifying internal causes of unhappiness, dissatisfaction and conflicts—delusions— and getting rid of them. It’s about changing our life long habits of relating to others in ineffective ways by increasing our positive minds such as love and wisdom.

    Sometimes we have ambivalence—we want to change because of the dissatisfaction in our heart, but we are also afraid of change and so we stay stuck doing the same old things to make ourselves feel better and they don’t really work. Join us for a journey into our own mind using Buddha’s teachings to transform our life from ordinary to extraordinary and experience change that you can trust.

    Everyone Welcome! 


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