• How To Understand The Mind – A Buddhist Perspective

    Friday, January 17th, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • About This Event

    In our materially focused world where science and technology dominate our lives we have made remarkable external progress, but we still lack a clear, comprehensive, and practical understanding of our mind. By understanding the inner workings of our mind we can discover which mental attitudes lead to happiness and which do not. With this knowledge we can learn positive habits of happiness and practice them in everyday life. Join us on this Friday Night Lecture for a Buddhist enlightening exploration of the mind!

  • The Teacher

    Teacher Image

    This event is taught by Gen Kelsang Jindak. Gen Kelsang Jindak is the Resident Teacher at Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Center in Orlando. She is a western Buddhist nun and has years of experience practicing and teaching Kadampa Buddhism. Jindak has a clear teaching style and is a excellent teacher for both beginners and experienced meditators.