In the Kadampa calendar, January is especially important for longer retreats.

Led by experienced meditators, these retreats provide an opportunity to gain deep experience of the spiritual path that will nourish you throughout the year.

Meals and refreshments are provided in between sessions, and onsite accommodations are available. Please feel very welcome to join in for any or all of these inspiring retreats, perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, as well as those looking to refresh their practice. Everyone welcome!

Week 1: A New Way of Thinking: Lamrim Retreat| January 5-10 with Gen Kelsang Gomlam

Discover the beauty of meditating on the basics of Buddhism and lift your mind out of the ordinary. The two main trainings on the path to enlightenment, compassion and wisdom, depend upon a solid foundation of basic Buddhist practices. This retreat, guided by Gen Kelsang Gomlam, will provide an excellent opportunity to develop this foundation through teachings and meditations on the initial, intermediate & great scope stages of the path to enlightenment, or Lamrim.

Week 2:  Traveling Path to Self-Generation | Retreat on the Practices of Vajrayogini | January 12-17 with Gen Kelsang Demo

During the first portion of retreat, we will be guided into profound meditations on the Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Buddha Vajrayogini, following the Blissful Path Sadhana. This is a precious opportunity to immerse ourselves in these sublime and meaningful meditations. The second half of the retreat will focus on profound transference of consciousness practice called the Uncommon Yoga of Inconceivability. This practice is unique to Vajrayogini Tantra and reveals a priceless instruction through which we can accomplish Keajra Pure Land in this life without abandoning our human body.

Week 3:  Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times | Lojong Retreat on Training the Mind | January 19-22 with Gen Kelsang Tashi

In these spiritually degenerate times we encounter many obstacles to our spiritual practice but rather than being discouraged by them we can learn to transform them into the spiritual path by practicing training the mind or Lojong. By training in this way, we can learn to transform daily challenges into the spiritual path, and develop the ability to maintain a peaceful mind and good heart at all times. Living skillfully and creatively in this way makes our whole life meaningful.

Week 4:  Abiding in Wisdom | Retreat on the Four Seals of Mahamudra | January 26-30 with Gen Kelsang Gomlam

Mahamudra is a sanskrit term composed of two parts: ‘maha’ meaning ‘great’ and ‘mudra’ meaning ‘seal’. The Four Seals are four special insights into reality that enable us to experience the liberating wisdom of Mahamudra, the true nature of things. During this special event with Gen Gomlam, we will explore profound topics such as impermanence, the nature of the mind, the source of suffering and the truth of ultimate reality, emptiness. Through teachings and guided meditations, we will start to experience the peace and freedom that comes from this wisdom.