Key West

Meditation in Key WestKey West Meditation

All Classes led by Buddhist monk, Gen Chonden

No need to register for class, drop in welcome!

Thursday, May 4th 6pm – 7:30pm

Transforming Adversity

In this class we will learn meditations on how we can take control of our life by transforming life’s adversities into spiritual progress. We will also learn how we can use practical Buddhist wisdom to replace worry, fear and anxiety with positive, constructive attitudes so that we can enjoy life with confidence. Class fee: $10

Location: Unity of the Keys | 1011 Virginia St.

Friday, May 5th   6:30pm – 7:30pm

Freedom from Frustration

Everyone seems to be on a short fuse these days and anger is what we use to deal with problems. But this only seems to increase our problems. How do we step out of this cycle? Buddha taught effective methods for transforming problems into causes of happiness. In this talk we will look at meditations that enable us to remain peaceful, regardless of what is going on  in our life. Donations are welcome.

Location: The Green Pineapple  | 1130 Duval St.

Saturday, May 6th 10:30am – 12pm

Understanding Karma

In this class we will look at the Buddhist belief in Karma. By understanding  karma we can prevent future suffering and to establish the basic foundation for the path to enlightenment. Generally, karma means ‘action’. From non-virtuous actions comes suffering and from virtuous actions comes happiness: if we believe this, we believe in karma.  Class fee: $10

Location: Key West Yoga Sanctuary | 1130 Duval St.

Saturday, May 6th  2:30pm – 4p

Learning to Let Go

The eight worldly concerns are eight anxieties that make it difficult for us to maintain a happy mind. When our life is constrained by worry, we spend our energy pursuing things that we know, in our heart of hearts, won’t bring the lasting satisfaction that we desire. By contrast, a life free from the eight worldly concerns is a life spent focusing on the things we really care about.  Price: $10

Location: Key West Yoga Sanctuary | 1130 Duval St.