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Meditation in Key WestKey West Meditation

All Classes will now led by Buddhist monk, Kelsang Tashi.

No need to register for class, drop in welcome!

Thursday, March 23rd   6 – 7:30pm

The Power of Buddhist Logic

In this lecture, Gen Demo will explain how Buddhists use logic and reason to develop confidence in practicing Buddha’s teachings. Through this process we can develop strong confidence to apply Buddha’s teachings in our every day life and progress along the spiritual path.  Eventually, by practicing the Buddhist way of life, we can become more patient, loving, and wise.

Class fee: $10

Location: Unity of the Keys | 1011 Virginia St.


Friday, March 24th   6:30 – 7:30pm

Love without Pain 

Everyone is inter-dependent and each and every living is uniquely valuable and worthy of respect. And whether it’s with friends, family or co-workers, love is the most effective way of relating to other people. We often confuse the minds of “love” and “attachment”. This class will help us see the differences between the two.
Donations are welcome.

Location: MOVED! Class will now be held at Unity of the Keys | 1011 Virginia St.

Saturday, March 25th  2:30 – 4pm

Just Breathe

So much of the stress and tension we experience comes from our mind. Breathing meditation helps to reduce this stress. We can experience a calm, spacious feeling in our mind and many of our problems will subside. During this class we can  learn how to incorporate meditation in our busy lives and gain confidence in it’s effectiveness to create inner peace within ourselves.

Price: $10

Location: Key West Yoga Sanctuary | 1130 Duval St

Kelsang Tashi is the Resident Teacher of Miami Kadampa Meditation Center and will guide of all the classes this weekend. He is known for his warmth and clear presentation of Buddha’s teachings.