Longboat Key


               with Kelsang Sangzin                                 

Students will learn the basics of Buddhist beliefs, meditations, and way of life, and how the simple and practical teachings of Buddhism can help develop inner peace, love, and patience in today’s complex world.

10:00 am-12:00                       Saturday, December 2 

One Session                            Members $25                Non-Members  $30

February Course

WR4        CORE BELIEFS OF BUDDHISM                                                                 *NEW

                Anika Trancik                                                                              

What are the core beliefs of Buddhism? Who was Buddha and what is enlightenment? How can someone live a Buddhist way of life in today’s modern world? Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary. Come with lots of questions and an open mind to learn about one of the world’s most ancient and profound religions.

Anika Trancik is a Kadampa Buddhist teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Florida. She has been a Kadampa Buddhist and student of Geshe Kelsan Gyatso for 16 years and longtime resident at KMC Florida. 

9:00-10:30 am                         Thursdays                               Begins: 2/1   Ends: 2/22

Located at the:

Longboat Key Education Center 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite #212 Longboat Key, FL 

Registration required through the Longboat Key Education Center by calling 941-383-8811