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In Depth Study Programs

Foundation Program

Meditation Eight Steps to HappinessSundays | 4pm – 6:30pm

The New Eight Steps to Happiness

As a commentary to one of Buddhism’s best-loved and most enduring teachings, Eight Verses of Training the Mind by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa, it explains how to transform every moment of our life into a step on the path to inner peace, and in particular how to transform all of life’s difficulties into truly liberating experiences.
This program provides excellent conditions to deepen our knowledge and experience along our spiritual path through study, guided meditation, discussion and practical advice from an experienced teacher.
This is not a drop-in class. Enrollment is required.

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Teacher Training Program

Mondays | 5:15pm – 9:15pm

Great Treasury of Merit

The purpose of the Teacher Training Program is to provide an extensive presentation of particular subjects of Mahayana Buddhism to enable practitioners to deepen their knowledge and experience of Buddhism, and to train as qualified New Kadampa Tradition Teachers.

Great Treasury of Merit is a commentary to a sublime practice called Offering to the Spiritual Guide, which is performed publicly twice a month in all Kadampa Buddhist centers, and often daily by individual practitioners.

It is the supreme gateway to receiving blessings for all practitioners, but especially for those practicing Tantric Mahamudra.

This is not a drop-in class. Enrollment is required.

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KMC Florida offers a comprehensive education program consisting of three study programs designed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang: the General Program (GP), the Foundation Program (FP) and the Teacher Training Program (TTP).

The General Program provides a basic introduction to Buddhist view, meditation and practice that is suitable for beginners. Foundation Program provides an opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of Buddhism.  Teacher Training Program is designed for people who wish to train as authentic Dharma Teachers. In addition to studying fourteen texts of Sutra and Tantra, students are required to observe certain commitments with regard to behavior and way of life, and to complete a number of meditation retreats.

Why Study?

There are three reasons why we study and practice the teachings of Buddha:

  • To develop our wisdom
  • To cultivate a good heart
  • To maintain a peaceful state of mind

If we do not strive to develop our wisdom, we shall always remain ignorant of ultimate truth – the true nature of reality. Although we wish for happiness, our ignorance leads us to engage in non-virtuous actions, which are the main cause of all our suffering. If we do not cultivate a good heart, our selfish motivation destroys harmony and good relationships with others. We have no peace, and no chance to gain pure happiness. Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. If we do not maintain a peaceful state of mind we are not happy even if we have ideal conditions. On the other hand, when our mind is peaceful we are happy even if our external conditions are unpleasant.

GP classes are on a drop-in basis and participants are welcome to attend without any commitments. FP and TTP have enrollment requirements. For more information on the FP and TTP please browse the info on the website or contact the Education Program Coordinator –