Friday Night Lecture – The Power of Love with Gen Demo

Friday Night Lecture

The Power of Love with Guest Teacher, Gen Demo

June 2nd  7pm – 8:30pm

Love is the wish for others to be happy. The power of love causes a wonderful transformation of our mind. With this mind we can enjoy everyone and everything in a positive way. With love in our hearts, we are the source of happiness and inspiration for everyone we meet. Love is called a wishfullfilling jewel, which fulfills the wishes of our self and others. In this talk we will learn how this beautiful state of mind enriches our lives!

No registration required, simple drop in!
Price: $15 (included for Temple Supporters)

Any Inquiries for Onsite Accommodation for June 2nd, please email Anika at:

Kadampa Meditation Center Florida  –  (941)373-1600
730. Washington blvd.  Sarasota, FL 34236