The Wisdom of Emptiness – Friday Night Lecture

The Wisdom of Emptiness

Friday Night Lecture with guest teacher Gen Kelsang Chodor

September 22nd  7pm – 8:30pm

In his wisdom teachings, Buddha Shakyamuni reveals the true nature of reality, which opens the door to limitless possibility. In this lecture we will learn Buddha’s ultimate teaching on Emptiness. We can understand the reality of the world around us and realize that it simply does not exist in the way we think. All our day to day problems will dissolve away, giving rise to a deep inner stillness and happiness.

Price: $15 (included for Temple Supporters)

Gen Chodor is the Resident Teacher of Bodhisattva KMC in Brighton UK and is has been a close disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years. He is much loved for his relaxed and gentle nature and teaches with great clarity, insight and wisdom, skilfully guiding people to inner peace and happiness in their lives.


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