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Kadampa Meditation Center Florida

About Us

Kadampa Meditation Center Florida (KMC Florida) is the regional Center for Kadampa Buddhism in Florida. Located on North Washington Blvd and 7th street (in Sarasota) its purpose is to give people the opportunity to learn about meditation and Kadampa Buddhism through weekly meditation classesmeditation workshops and weekend meditation retreats.

Under the guidance, support, and collaboration with our US mother Center, Kadampa Meditation Center NY, KMC Florida works to promote the teachings of Buddhist meditation and provide practical methods to help people to develop and maintain a peaceful mind. Inner peace is an essential prerequisite for harmony in our world and to lead a happy and meaningful life. Our traditional Buddhist Temple is regarding as an oasis of peace and place of spiritual refuge by all those who visit.

KMC Florida has branch locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.  We also offer branch classes in Anna Maria Island, Key West, and Longboat Key.  KMC Florida provides guidance and collaborates with other Kadampa Centers throughout Florida – including Centers in Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Safety Harbour and Tampa.

Classes, Day Courses, Events, and Retreats

Many of our classes are drop-in meditation classes. No registration is required and everyone is welcome. These classes are perfect for beginners as well as those with more experience. They provide an introduction and on-going practice of meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhist teachings for daily life.

Throughout the year, we also offer  Saturday and Weekend courses as well as retreats. When we reduce our distractions and focus more deeply on spiritual teachings and meditation, even for one day, we begin to see how cultivating a more peaceful state of mind is possible.

Our special events are a great way to meet other like-minded people and become connected to a spiritual community!

We also offer enrollment-based study programs for those wishing to go deeper into understanding and practicing Buddha’s teachings. Open to all levels, these classes occur on a weekly basis and regular attendance is suggested.

Visit these links to see what classes are happening right now, and what is upcoming at our Center.

Chanted Prayers

Chanted prayers, often called pujas or sadhanas, are an important part of our practice. They enable us to prepare our mind for successful meditation by experiencing mental transformation that comes from Buddha’s blessings. They also help us to purify our mind of negativity and gather positive energy that comes from reciting and focusing on the meaning of the prayers. These are open to all unless otherwise noted.

Our daily chanted meditation practice is Wishfulfilling Jewel. Other practices are done on a regular basis. Please feel free to drop-in at anytime to learn about these. You can also find more information at www.Kadampa.org.

Chanted Prayers schedule.

 Teachers at the Temple

Branch Teachers

Angus Berry is a long time Kadampa Buddhist practitioner and student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. He is known for the clarity and heartfelt presentation of Buddha’s teachings. He teaches Prayers for World Peace every Sunday Morning.

Lisa Hoffman has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2013 and is on the Teacher Training Program at KMC Florida. With her clear and gentle presentation of Buddha’s teaching she makes it easily accessible for newcomers. She teaches Lunchtime Meditations every Friday.

Elizabeth Barrett has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 10 years and is a senior student at KMC Florida. Elizabeth teaches through her own experience and provides great encouragement in practicing Dharma. She teaches Lunchtime Meditations every Thursday.

Kelsang Sangzin is an ordained Buddhist nun and the Education Program Coordinator at KMC Florida. She has been sincerely studying Kadampa Buddhism since 2009, and began teaching in 2010. She is appreciated for her kindness, humor, and practical advice for daily life.

Kelsang Tharlam is an ordained Buddhist nun and has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for over 5 years. With her example of being joyful and happy with practicing Dharma, she is skilled in encouraging others to do the same.

Bill Toriello has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for many years and was our previous Administrative Director at KMC Florida. Bill is known for sharing his experience with others to help them with their Meditation practice. He teaches Simply Meditate every Sunday evening.

Salena Alberti is a Kadampa Buddhist Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Florida. She is a sincere student and has taught in many Kadampa Buddhist Centers in Philadelphia and Baltimore. She teaches Wednesday Lunchtime Meditations and is known for clarity and warmth when she teaches.

Samir Hanna has recently started teaching meditation classes at KMC Florida. He provides clear and joyful teachings on how to practice meditation and the Buddhist way of life. Samir teaches Lunchtime Meditations every Monday.

Becoming a Temple Supporterfrontdoor_fence

Becoming a member of Kadampa Meditation Center is the most economical way to enjoy all our classes, retreats, day courses and branch classes, while also supporting the growth of the city temple and Kadam Dharma throughout the world. If you attend center classes regularly, your membership will represent a substantial savings over the drop-in costs. Most special events, such as workshops and retreat will have savings for members .

As a member you will be able to attend any of the drop in classes of your choice.

Discounts on Special events

General Program Membership is $35 a month

For more information or to sign up as a member please call or email: (941) 373-1600  /  epc@meditationINsarasota.org


KMC Florida is a nonprofit organization that operates though the kindness of volunteers.  By volunteering you will:

• be part of a joyful spiritual community
• be part of creating meaningful events
• find volunteer opportunities for all abilities and interests

Some ways you can offer to help: cooking, cleaning, maintenance work, sewing, gardening, graphic design… and much more!  Whatever your skills, let us know and we will find an opportunity for you to help.

You are welcome to help out at any time, either when you have spare time or on a regular basis.

Working Visit

Our working visit program is a great way to experience life at Kadampa Meditation Center Florida and put your compassion in action.

In exchange for 35 hours of voluntary work, working visitors can receive dormitory accommodation and meals, as well as the opportunity to attend daily prayers and General Program classes held at KMC Florida. Jobs vary depending on season and skills – assisting with meal preparation and cleanup, light housecleaning, accommodations preparation, office work, and light yard or garden work, are examples.

Note: To enroll in a working program visit, please contact admin@meditationinsarasota.org. We will need reference contacts as well as emergency contact

Accommodations at Kadampa Meditation Center

Staying onsite allows retreat and class participants the opportunity to relax and fully engage in the meditation and teachings they are attending.  Kadampa Meditation Center is an oasis within the City of Sarasota.  There are a number of beautiful walks that can be taken right from our door step and a short drive brings you to many beautiful local beaches.  The property itself offers a garden with many native plants and two Bodhi trees.  Bring you blanket to lounge and relax in the garden.  If you want to be more active in between meditation sessions you don’t need to go far. There is a veranda designed to allow visitors to circumambulate (e.g. walk around) the Temple – a meaningful spiritual practice.

Kadampa Meditation Center Florida offers accommodations on site including limited single, double, and triple occupancy rooms as well as a male and female dorm.  All guests are provided with sheets and a towel.  You must bring your own toiletries.  For select events we also offer indoor camping in the meditation halls which requires each guest to bring their own sleeping pad and bedding.  Indoor camping requires that you are able to pack and store your things off-site (e.g. in your car) during the day.  There are a total of 5 single shower bathrooms available across the hall from the rooms.  You must be attending a class or retreat in order to stay on-site.  Please contact admin@MeditationInSarasota.org for availability and pricing.